Friday, January 31, 2014


Ah, to be a knight!
I'd slay the devouring serpents:
Those screaming, voracious dragons that
Crush our joy.

I'd guard our castle,
Deflecting smouldering darts
That would not dare inject
Their venom into your
Sweet poetic mind.

Until then, we will find refuge, you and I,
Between the lines of sonnets,
As the perfume of homemade blackberry jam
Drifts through our kitchen
And envelops the acrid smoke
Of old nightmares.

© 2014 Judith C Evans

Thursday, January 23, 2014


A collection of mismatched shards:
That is how I saw myself
Until You handed me the missing pieces.

Examined in the light,
Each piece offers
Unexpected colors that change context
And deepen perspective.

Nearly whole,
Revived by Your breath,
I speak with my voice
For the first time.

© Judith C Evans 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Left Her There

She's there somewhere.
She used to be here,
But I left her there.

The one who loved to sing
As much as she loved the smell
Of a new box of crayons
(That first-day-of-school smell).

The one who drew stories
Others might have written.

The girl who let her Muse
Take her on winged journeys,
Farther than her imagination could see,
Higher than her thoughts could breathe.

The child who held up
Fists full of sunlit beach sand,
And let the fine, tan powder
Sift through her fingers
And sprinkle her face with stars
That sparkled the rest of the day.

I left her there,
An unfinished sentence, past tense,
Testing the sparkling clear waters with her toes,
Unaware of the icy tides
That crashed on the shore
And stopped the heart.

© Judith C Evans 2014