Sunday, June 19, 2011


Behind the blinds
our cat crouches, stalking moths
-- dream big

© Judith C Evans 2011

[Written for Haiku Heights prompt #48 -- blind]

Friday, June 17, 2011

Last Day of School

Ponytailed six-year old:
Last day of school means
First day at the beach.
Bags packed with sunscreen and towels confirm the good news
--three months of freedom!

A gull, perched on a sea wall,
Blankly stares at passersby.
We pour tartar sauce over clam rolls
And unwrap pastel pink, green and yellow
Salt water taffies.

Later, we'll drive home in our
Coppertone-scented clothes.
For now, as waves ebb,
We explore tide pools,
Collect pale green sea glass,
And walk for miles on smooth, wet sand,
Where our footprints vanish as soon as they appear.

© Judith C Evans 2011

[Written for Thursday Think Tank prompt #54 -- the beach/ocean]

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Winter's Watch

Winter watches with bated breath.
Autumn ignites a fiery death spiral.
Winter waits in respectful silence.
In the interim hush, the darkest nights
Herald the newborn sun.
Winter quietly steps forward as we close the blinds
And make tomorrow's careful plans.

We awaken early for work or school,
Mistaken, we're sure;
Only a Sunday morning would
Be so still.

Winter watches, amused,
As indignant surprise and rattling plows
Mingle with youthful delight and scraping sleds.
Feral cats stare at us,
Assigning blame for this outrage.
Winter sighs, depleted.

Sunlight, too brilliant for comfort,
Blossoms from the clouds in a southwest wind.
"Good thing," we remark,
In a nod to those who wait outside
The rescue mission across the street.

© Judith C Evans 2009

[Submitted to Thursday Poets Rally #46...join us!]

Monday, June 13, 2011

Despots, bow

Names enslave.
God breaks free from bricks, stained glass.
Despots, bow.

© Judith C Evans 2011

[written for Haiku Heights prompt--Slavery and Poetry Potluck prompt--dictatorship, autocracy, despotism]

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blessed Bear

How blessed you are.
You sleep away the winter;
When the spring runoff cracks the ice,
You smash through chilly, rushing waters
To retrieve the choicest salmon.
When the sun warms your back,
You meticulously forage for blueberries
And delicately lick honey from your lethal paw.
How blessed we are
To follow your shadow,
To hope for a glimpse of
Your solitude,
Your mystery,
Your freedom.

© Judith C Evans 2008

Submitted to Thursday Think Tank at Poets United prompt #52 -- animals

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Dime store porcelain:
dusty veils disguise your worth
-- Nana's chipped blue cup

© Judith C Evans 2011

[Written for Haiku Heights prompt #46 -- porcelain]

Thursday, June 2, 2011


What will it be like?
What will I be like?
Will I be graceful as I disembark,
          dreaming yet awake, with all my
          ghosts, into the newness of "we"?
Will my hair be smooth?
Will my seams be straight?
When well-rehearsed phrases dissolve
          into wordless gratitude,
Will it even matter?

Twin souls, weary of estrangement,
          ready to mend,
In separate places in separate  times:
We each unknowingly raised this cup
          from that eternal wellspring which
          loves us both.
We now sip from that cup, together,
Are restored,
And give praise.

© Judith C Evans 2009

[Submitted to Thursday Poets Rally #45]

Poetry found me.
Leap into the creative
-- write life!

I am honored to accept this Perfect Poet Award for Poets Rally 45. I would like to  nominate Raivenne  for the next award.