Friday, June 17, 2011

Last Day of School

Ponytailed six-year old:
Last day of school means
First day at the beach.
Bags packed with sunscreen and towels confirm the good news
--three months of freedom!

A gull, perched on a sea wall,
Blankly stares at passersby.
We pour tartar sauce over clam rolls
And unwrap pastel pink, green and yellow
Salt water taffies.

Later, we'll drive home in our
Coppertone-scented clothes.
For now, as waves ebb,
We explore tide pools,
Collect pale green sea glass,
And walk for miles on smooth, wet sand,
Where our footprints vanish as soon as they appear.

© Judith C Evans 2011

[Written for Thursday Think Tank prompt #54 -- the beach/ocean]


Anonymous said...

I love this poem of summer-time fun and exploration of the beach. Takes me back to when I was a kid, and those were good memories. Thanks and stay creative.

Susannah said...

That is wonderful! I loved the memories it evoked in me too. Especially...
"And walk for miles on smooth, wet sand,
Where our footprints vanish as soon as they appear."

Loved the description and the remembering of things I had forgotten.


bttrflyscar said...

mmm, those smells, those images. you put me right there with that little girl and for a moment, I am her.

Judith C Evans said...

Thanks as always for your comments, everybody...and thanks for sharing this day at the beach! :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you capture the tastes and smells and freedom of summer-- nicely written!

Anonymous said...

just remembered my last day at school,like to be her sometimes...

Andy said...

It's amazing how so many children & even adults seem to be excited at the thought of spending summer at the beach.

Beautifully captured.

Thank you for sharing, Judith

Margie said...

What a lovely poem!
Judith, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
It made me happy!

Margie :)

Judith C Evans said...

Thanks, everybody! This was a fun prompt for me! :)

Henry Clemmons said...

I love me some beach and gettin' some tan on. Great visuals and involving all my senses. Great job. Think I'll go to my fav beach. You put me in the mood. Thanks.

Ella said...

This was lovely; I now want a clam roll and to hear a sea gull call! You remind me of my childhood in Maine; Well Done~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Just lovely. A trip to the beach, my favorite thing!I love the last line especially.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Ah, took me back to the last time I was at the beach, long time ago. I could smell the salt air, taste the salt water taffy and hear the sound of the surf, puctuated by the ever present gulls, and the excitement of a childhood summer. Great imagery.

Judith C Evans said...

Thanks, friends! I miss the North Atlantic...but I had fun writing about it!

Old Raven said...

A wonderful day at the beach ... you have conjured many memories! A lovely piece.

TC said...

so nostalgic! reminds me of my childhood, too. It's nice to write about something beautiful like this.