Saturday, January 21, 2017

Snowflakes (Dedicated to my sisters and brothers who march today)

Image by liz west via Flickr

“Snowflakes! You’re nothing more than snowflakes!”

Was that intended as an insult?
After all, each snowflake is fragile, translucent,
Melting on contact with concrete, fire, or water.

But look closely:
Each snowflake is a unique product of God’s handiwork,
A calling of design and purpose
Visible to those who recognize unadulterated beauty.

To the ignorant or hurried eye,
Snowflakes unite to create a nuisance
That interrupts one’s view or plans,
Creating more work when a day off was anticipated.

But dig deeper into the hidden places,
Where roots are nourished and readied for the harvest.
Where soil remains alive as minute miracle workers
Tunnel and turn over compacted aggregates
Of yesterday’s plantings.

Months from now,
Thanks to those annoying bands of snowflakes,
Branches will once again be heavy laden
With fruits of all colors, shapes and sizes:
Sweet, bitter, sour --
But always juicy and nourishing.

Wear the name proudly
And keep gathering, storming, coating, drifting, and preparing
For history’s next vernal equinox.

It always comes.

© Judith C Evans 2017