Thursday, December 1, 2011

Soul Whisper

Breathe, said the teacher. Breathe and be.
My soul whispered, “Follow me!”
As I sat and breathed, my soul and I walked
As you’d expect, I mostly talked.

“I can’t understand, just can’t cope.”
My soul was quiet – was there hope?
Breathe, said the teacher. Breathe and see.
The child just ahead looked like – me!

The little girl waved me on;
I wondered how long I’d been gone.
We ran up a gentle hill
And saw a brook by the trees so still.

“I remember this stream, where I once sat!”
And after I marveled at that,
I saw my father who’d long since passed:
An angry man found peace at last.

“Never worry,” said my Dad
“It did nothing but made me sad.”
I pondered this, then saw my cat,
And heard his purr – how about that?

I’d forgotten favorite colors, too:
Burgundy and aqua blue,
The perfume I wore to English class,
And my first martini glass!

“It’s all with you, you just forgot,”
My soul chuckled. My face felt hot,
Embarrassed to shed a silly tear.
My soul whispered,
“I’m still here.”

© Judith C Evans 2011

Written for Thursday Think Tank's prompt #76 -- soul's whisper
and posted at Thursday Poets Rally #57

Many thanks to Thursday Poets Rally at The Poetry Palace for this award...I am humbled and honored! I nominate NeiNei for the award.

Winter winds blow ice
but poetic souls gather --
encouraging words.