Sunday, July 31, 2011

Biographer's Meditation

In school we studied names and dates
Of you who came before
But stories whispered in my dreams
Tell me there's so much more.
I thirst for more to memorize,
More links to eras past.
From pages of debates and wars
I hear your voice at last.
I must write your story;
I must try at least.
Now sparks from your soul
To my heart increase.
With unfrozen breath
From you whom we call "dead"
I transcribe with devotion
Things you might have said.

© Judith C Evans 2009

Submitted to Poetry Pantry #60 at Poets United.


Old Ollie said...

it was good to bring this one to light...I like the pulls the reader along.

Jingle said...


PhotoDiction said...

You capture the desire of the biographer quite well in this poem. I especially like the notion of looking for links to 'eras past'

Anonymous said...

This is interesting... How do you go about it? xx

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Really makes you stop and think of those we too often tend to forget utnil someone brings them back to our attention. Where would be without our past? It is our building block, or should be. Very well done.

Anonymous said...

A tribute to the past and the hope for a better future. Thanks for sharing.

Margie said...

I loved your ending ...
*I transcribe with devotion
Things you might have said.

Wonderful writing, Judith.
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I can feel the links to the past in this poem, and the dead have already come alive by the end.

Sweetest in the Gale said...

"Now sparks from your soul to my heart increase..." - what a lovely line. The whole poem is beautiful!

California In in Motion said...


Judith C Evans said...

Thanks, everybody! I appreciate each and every comment! :)