Friday, June 8, 2012


She reads poetry.
So well-rounded!
How nourishing for the soul it is,
To ponder those fine phrases...
And how clever she must be,
To understand such deep meaning.
It must be so stimulating to be her friend.

She memorizes poems.
How admirable!
She and some lucky fellow
Will have plenty to talk about at the dinner table.
And if they ever have children
(Do you think they ever will?)
They will learn to read at an early age.

She writes poetry.
Wait a minute!
How did she turn out to be so...well...
I just feel sorry for her poor husband.
How can she be a good wife,
With her head in the clouds 
And her nose in a book,
Writing all those poems?
She watches documentaries about artists in Paris
And leaves peeled potatoes on the kitchen counter.
Then she writes a poem about the time she forgot to finish cooking dinner.
I suppose we should be thankful that she never had children.

© Judith C Evans 2012

Shared with The Think Tank Thursday #100 at Poets United. Inspired by this quotation by Tim Burton: "One person's crazyiness is another person's reality."


Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable.

Systematic Weasel said...

This is very wonderfully written! I love the sudden change from reading poetry and being well-rounded to writing poetry and being eccentric. Being a poet is practically being a rebel for life. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I really love this poem, Judith. You crafted it so well and spoke the heart and soul of a true poet. Well done!!

BT said...

Wow, this has a lot of truth in it. I love poetry but a lot of people think even reading it is weird.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


I love the sheer wholesomeness of your words. Sometimes when words arrive, we just have to drop everything else!!!


Ella said...

I love the intimacy of your words and sharing just enough for us to see~
I love that you drop and go with your writing! I do the same... ;D
I think it would be wrong, to not listen to our inner voice!

Raven said...

This is wonderful. I enjoyed placing myself within the poem.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What an elegant poem! I enjoyed it greatly. Interesting how it moved from one place to another with a gentle humor.

Anonymous said...

Twinge... this is funny and melodic and clever. I think her husband must be very lucky. Left me a little bit sad though. you write so well. :] xx

Short Poems said...

Beautiful poem, I enjoyed it :)