Monday, May 9, 2011

A Few Months Later in Arizona

Only You could persuade me
That this rock-hard, scrubby, suncracked expanse
Is in truth a cool drink of water
          uniquely suited to my
          peculiar thirst.

Only You could perceive
That this relentless solitude, these averted eyes,
          this heartbreaking hunger
Would prove to be ideal suitors
          to my forsaken muse
          and my neglected pen.

How else can I thank You
          but to embark upon this stroll, arm-in-arm, with death?
I live to live, but today, my head rests against death's shoulder.
For only this high desert, whose thirsty afternoons
          and subzero nights
          and sudden lightning
          and bruising hail
          can sicken me with fear,
Can shelter my anonymity,
Provide a haven for my most sacred dreams,
And listen with me in reverent attention
          to Your private hymns.

Submitted to Thursday Poets Rally #43

Friends unseen yet kind 
Say  "there's always time to write" --
Start here -- don't look back.

Many thanks for this award. See all the winners at Promising Poets' Poetry Cafe. I nominate Becky -- be sure to read her work!


Anonymous said...

So Beautiful and revealing, I pray for all that ails you.. Congrats on the Perfect Poet award.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

super lovely,

you rock.
Thrilled to have you in the rally.
have fun.

Victoria said...

I adore this poem and am marking your blog a favorite. You hit themes dear to me, the muse stirred in wilderness, especially dangerous wilderness, the close walk with death, the emphasis on the sacred. Thanks for this one.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

brilliant words, welcome to poets rally.

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Great poem. Love the repetition of 'Only You' in the first two stanzas.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

I live in the Arizona desert, and you have captured it very well with your description, as well as the deserts we sometimes encounter in our creative lives. Beautiful.

Judith C Evans said...

Thanks, friends, for taking the time to read and comment on my poem. I'm enjoying visiting and reading all your blogs!

sweet pea. said...

thanks for dropping by, and for commenting.

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful...I used to live in arid country and it is very much like you describe. It is great writing you really took me away and the desert or outback can be so inspiring and spiritual.

Nadira Cotticollan said...

Having a pair of comforting arms to encircle you in all your ups and downs is like having an oasis in the middle of the desert sands. If you have that companionship , you are blessed. From what you've written ,you have huge appreciation of it too. Hope you both walk arm in arm for along while and create lots of poetry as you go along.

tarunima said...

the words are so beautifully used that for a moment i thought i was in some arid country..:)

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely poem - such a driving force and feeling throughout. I don't know Arizona, but your poem gives me a pretty good feel - and I like your attitude too!

flaubert said...

Lovely poem, and it is nice to meet you.