Sunday, May 15, 2011

God's Heart Dances When Women Laugh

Mirth peeks in.
A giggle is born.
It fights its way from our throats to our noses.
We forget our place and draw attention to ourselves.
Our children roll their eyes.
Our husbands clear their throats.
Madison Avenue certainly discourages it (unless they thought of it first).
But God's heart dances when women laugh.
Oh how He loves to hear that unladylike snort --
The kind we're supposed to suppress.
The kind that announces our deliverance.
The kind that contorts our features so that
          our countenances clash with the magazine ads.
The kind that knows a secret.
The kind that turn the face of fear red.
The kind that makes us oblivious.

© Judith C Evans 2008

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Judy Roney said...

What a wonderful thought. "God's heart dances when women laugh". I want to keep His heart dancing. Lovely photo, too!


Mary said...

What a great poem! I love that you describe women laughing as 'dangerous.' The last lines are powerful.

Margie said...

Oh, so love this, Judith!
Wonderful poem!
And I love your smile and laughter in your eyes!

Margie :)

Mary said...

Judy, I really like "God's heart dances when women laugh!" I hope so. Your poem made me smile and feel good!

Marian said...

love this! i am an unabashedly loud laugher. okay, very infrequently abashed. hahaahahhhhhaaaaaa!

Yun Yi said...

light and playful. love it!

Judith C Evans said...

Thanks, friends, for visiting and reading...I truly appreciate your kind comments!

Andy said...

What a lovely poem. I love the last few lines.
I have to say your smile definitely invites us into your blog!

Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth Young said...

Awesome poem, truly loved this! Reminds me of when a baby belly laughs, everybody joins in it is so hillarious. Surely God's heart DOES dance when women laugh!

Jinksy said...

As a snorting laugher myself, I loved your poem! LOL

M. A. S. said...

Great descriptions here of the kind of what women are supposed to be and what women really are.

Judith C Evans said...

So glad to read all of your comments. Let's hear it for real women! :)

Jingle said...


Judith C Evans said...

Thanks, Jingle, glad you stopped by!